Get Your Halloween Bling at SAS Fabrics

It’s fsas-fabric-store-halloween-bling-earrings-rings photoun to dress up this Halloween with these inexpensive bling items from SAS Fabrics in Hawthorne, California. Here’s a sampling of our Halloween bling goodies and we have so much more in the store at very affordable prices ranging from 99 cents and up.

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4 Way Stretch Lycra Fabric for Ice Skating Dresses

sas-fabric-store-ice-skating-material-costume photoThe four way stretch fabric allows for more freedom of movement to perform the artistic steps in ice skating. This is quality American made 4 way stretch lycra material available in all different colors and will be available around January 20th, 2014 at SAS Fabrics. This is a popular fabric so get them while supplies last.

We also have many embellishments to adorn and decorate the ice figure skating costume so make sure to check those out.


sas-fabric-store-lycra-ice-skating-dresses photoThe 2014 Winter Olympics will be in Sochi, Russia. Figure skating is such a beautiful and artistic sporting event that gets a lot of viewership. The figure skating Olympic competition will be held at the Iceberg Skating Palace scheduled for February 6 -22, 2014. Go USA!